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Disk is a minor character in Let's Split Up.


Disk is a laidback young man with a chill attitude. He is seen to be careless as he easily accepted Di's claim as her new boyfriend without much consideration and didn't bother helping Klied, who was bleeding on the floor.


Disk wears a leather jacket, pants, and shoes.


Di: (hugs and claims Disk) This my boyfriend now. We're going to go to his party (holds Disk's hand and drags him) and find a nice secluded room (whispers) Where no one can hear him scream.
Disk: Well, ya know what they say about the crazy ones.

Disk: Ya got the beer, dude? (sees Klied lying on the floor) Can't let cha in without the beer, dude. (sees Klied bleeding on the floor) Ha. Rock on dude. (closes door)
Di: Come on. Let's romantically gaze into each other's teeth!
Disk: (muffled) Ha, alright. Whatever ya say, babe.